consulting engineers


Q. Do we carry out general pre-purchase inspections?

A. No, but we regularly do structural inspections of faults highlighted in pre-purchase inspection reports.

Q. I have my architectural plans drawn for a development application. Do I need an engineering report before submitting my plans to council?

A. No, you can generally submit a development application without engineering details however; you may be asked for details during the assessment process ie. if an easement affects the development. Sometimes a client will want engineering details prior to submitting a DA to know that their proposal can actually be built (or is affordable) before going through an expensive approvals process. On other occasions the DA procedure may require amendments to the plans which in turn will affect the engineering report. If you are unsure, make an appointment to see our staff who can help advise you with this decision.

Q. Do I need a development application and an engineering report for a retaining wall less than 1 metre high?

A. This depends on a raft of local council requirements which may make it an exempt development. Contact your local council for these conditions and if in doubt it is best to have engineering involvement.

Q. What do I need to provide for the engineering report to be carried out?

A. A copy of your architectural plans and your development application conditions (if your application has been approved). Drawings can be posted, dropped in to the office or emailed. Please do not fax drawings as they are usually difficult to read.

Q. Will the engineer need to do a site inspection?

A. Generally yes, most projects require soil and wind classification or entail modifications to existing structures which need to be assessed.

Q. Council has told me that I need zone of influence details, can you provide this?

A. Yes, this will usually require a site inspection and specific details to satisfy your council's requirements for protection of an asset.